5 tips for your parking or sidewalk paved with concrete!

5 tips for your parking or sidewalk paved with concrete!

Days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping: a sign that winter is coming. If you have invested in landscaping this summer, read these tips carefully to ensure that your project is intact in the spring, even after difficult weather conditions.

Snow removal – Paved driveway / Apparent aggregate driveway / concrete

Aggressive snow removal by a metal blade can cause damage to your decorative concrete, paving stones or driveways. The use of a rubber or vinyl blade is recommended to preserve your project.

Ice melting

Rock salt and concrete are not a good combination when it comes to preserving your pavement. This type of salt can cause concrete degradation. Instead, replace rock salt with sodium-free ice melting products (such as magnesium chloride). When used properly, these products do not harm concrete paving stones or the surrounding landscape. Those can be expensive compared to ordinary salts, but in the end, they are well worth it.

Snow blowers and snow shovels

When clearing your snow-covered sidewalks, we recommend that you use a plastic shovel. Metal shovels tend to scratch paving stones and decorative concrete. This damage affects the general aesthetics of your entrance and is costly to repair. To clean a driveway, we recommend using a snowblower with plastic or vinyl shoes to protect the pavers.

Parking your vehicle

In winter, if you park your vehicle in the same place every day, be aware that the snow in your wheel wells contains high levels of salt (calcium). Be sure to remove any excess snow that falls from your wheel wells onto your driveway, this will help extend the life of your concrete.


Make sure to keep your drainage wells clear and open so that water continues to flow properly. Clogged drains can cause water to accumulate on the surface of your paving stones or decorative concrete. Stagnant water that freezes and thaws repeatedly can damage the surface of your patio, walkway or driveway.